Organising Committee

The BCCS Symposium is organised by…

Paul DaviesPaul Davies
Paul F. Davies is undertaking Ph.D. research in graphic narrative theory in the school of English at University of Sussex. He teaches English Language and Literature at Sussex Downs College in Eastbourne. As well as studying comics form and function, he has written a collection of graphic short stories which can be previewed at

Paddy Johnston
Paddy is a comics scholar, cartoonist and musician, currently doing his Paddy JohnstonPhD in comics at the University of Sussex. Paddy’s thesis will examine alternative comics as work, analysing the various working conditions of cartoonists and the culture of working in alternative comics. His papers and academic profile can be viewed at, and his comics and music can be found at He also has a day job at one of the UK’s leading trade publishing groups.

Nicola Streeten
Nicola is an anthropologist-turned-illustrator and comics scholar,Nicola Streeten author of Billy, Me & You and co-founder of Laydeez do Comics, She is in receipt of an Arts and Humanities Research Council scholarship towards PhD research  on The Cultural History of British Feminist Comics at the University of Sussex in Gender Studies in the department of Media, Film and Music. For a full description of her academic activity visit academic profile here. Nicola’s ‘Becoming of Age’ cartoons about life after 50 are now published by Comikka.

To contact any of us please email

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