Thanks for Attending!

Thanks to all who joined us for the Graphic Scholarship event. We’ve sent round an email with a link requesting feedback — please let us know what you thought, either using the survey or by email.

Sketch notes from the day are very welcome — send us, tweet us, tag us!

BCCS16 3

Practical Workshop led by Pen Mendonca and Louisa Parker, and Ian Williams presenting on Graphic Medicine. Sketch notes by Paul F Davies.

It was lovely to see such a range of people attending; those we know, and those who joined us fresh on the day. Creators, thinkers and visualisers all!


Participants admire one another’s handiwork in Pen Mendonca and Louisa Parker’s practical comics interviewing workshop — listening and drawing others’ experience.

Thanks also to our speakers, workshop leaders, and those who made the day possible.

We look forward to seeing everyone at future events.




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